Mag-Knight™ Pricing Information

Die cutting is a very difficult service to price.   You may often wonder how a company prices your particular job and why.  It’s a little known secret that most companies aim for a $125+ per/hour turn around on each job.  That may seem like a lot but when you consider the operator’s salary, the cost of the hydraulic press, overhead and setup, it works out about right.  Here at Mag-Knight, our overhead is very low.  Therefore, we can often underbid many large companies by 25%- 40%.  We strive for only $85 per hour on our press time and pass on the savings to you.


Recently, we were given the opportunity to bid on OEM truck parts.  The manufacturer did not disclose what they were paying for their die cut parts until after they awarded the contract.  We bid and won the contract because our price, which includes the raw material, was over 400% cheaper than what they were paying with another company.  Take a look…

0369 $5.06 $3.34 66%
0362 $4.80 $1.18 400%


There are several variables to consider when looking for the best price…

  •  Is it a small or large job?  Large jobs require less setup time and improve efficiency. This allows us to pass on the savings.

  • If it is a small job, do you have several dies or just one?  Small jobs can cost you less if you have only one or two dies to setup.

  • Handling.  Is you product sensitive to scratching or damage or can it quickly be placed in a box without fear of damage?

  • Material.  Is your material heavy or awkward to handle?

Minimums and Setup Fees….There are none!

Most companies will not touch small jobs that take less than one or two hours.  Even if they will, they will charge you a setup fee which can often exceed the actual cost of cutting!  We NEVER charge a setup fee.  Compare our prices just like the OEM above, you will be astonished!!! 

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